Take g-10m/s^-2
Give answers to 2 significant figures.Formulas and calculations required for all answers.
racing bike is being put through its paces on a straight stretch of road by a
stunt man.  The following velocity-time graph was obtained upon analysis
of the bike’s performance characteristics:
Calculate the distance travelled by the bike during the first 40 seconds.
What was the acceleration of the bike after it started from rest?:
2.On the
Penetecost Islands there is an initiation rite called land diving. The
islanders jump from a high platform with a rope made of vines attached to their
ankles. The ropes are designed to bring the land divers to a stop just
centimeters above the ground after they have fallen.
the velocity of a land diver assuming he starts from rest, falls 25meters, and
that friction is negligible
How long does it take for the diver to fall the 25meters under the influence of
travelling 25meters the vines attached to the land diver’s ankles start to
stretch and cause the land diver to decelerate and come to a stop. The vine
stretches by 50centimeters.
 Calculate the magnitude of the deceleration of the land diver whilst
3.A block
on the end of a string 3meters long is swung in an anticlockwise horizontal
circle with a constant speed of 5m/s. You are looking down (bird’s-eye view) on
to this horizontal circle.

 On the diagram above draw, using arrows, the instantaneous velocity of
the block at the South (S) position and at the East (E) position.
 What is the change in velocity (magnitude and direction) of the block as
its motion changes from the south (S) position to the East (E) position in its
circular path?
4.A car
of mass 800kg accelerates from rest to 20m/s^-1 in 8.0s. The resistance forces
acting on the car total 1000N.
a well labelled diagram showing all forces acting on the car. Clearly show the
point of application of each force, ie, show where each force starts.
the driving force being provided by the engine of the car.
On the diagram above, draw and label two arrows that show the action-reaction
forces acting on the rope between the boat and the skier. Use the letters ‘A’
for action, and ‘R’ for reaction next to your arrows.
Complete the two sentences below which describe the action-reaction pair above.
The force of the……….on the…………
The force of the  …………on the………..
Calculate the magnitude (size) of the drag (resistance) forces acting on the
6. A toy car of mass 50grams
travels down a smooth incline at 30 degrees to the horizontal. Friction may be
Calculate the net force acting on the car as it rolls down the slope.
Calculate the force of the incline on the car as it travels down the slope.
7. A car drives
off a 40m high cliff at 20m/s horizontally as shown below.
a) How long does the car take to land?
b) How far does it land from the base of the cliff?
c) Using vertical and horizontal velocity components, what
is the car’s velocity just before it lands? State the magnitude and direction
(Use formula(s), calculations and a vector diagram)
8. A catapult launches a marble, of mass 100grams at 25m/s
at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal.
a) What is the maximum height reached by the marble?
b)What is the time of flight of the marble?
What is the magnitude and direction of the accelerations of
the marble at: (Answers + one dot-point explanation required)
9. A tennis ball of mass 100g hits the wall horizontally at
8.0m/s^-1 east and rebounds at 6.0m/s^-1. The contact time with the wall is
a) calculate the impulse on the ball by the wall
b)calculate the change in momentum of the ball
State the magnitude and direction for a) and b)
A vector diagram, formula(s) and calculations required.
10. Calculate:
a) The force exerted on the ball by the wall
b) The force exerted on the wall by the ball
State the magnitude and direction for a) and b)
Formulas and calculations required.

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